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A low cholesterol diet plan for better heart health


The heart is one of the most important parts of the body. Without it, blood can’t be pumped throughout our body. Taking care of the heart is therefore a vital responsibility. Whether you’re young or old, there is a need to look into low cholesterol diet plans. If you suspect that you have a high level of cholesterol, you should seek immediate medical advice. Studies have already proven that high cholesterol can lead to stroke and has the potential to contribute to heart disease.
With so many dietary approaches to choose from, it can be daunting to pick one that meets your needs. Your doctor can refer you to a dietician or nutritionist.


You have to monitor the calories and total fat consumption every day. Always aim for less than 300mg of cholesterol daily. Unsaturated fats are what you need instead of the saturated fats. Since these fats usually go hand in hand, you have to be extra cautious when shopping for your groceries. The fastest way to find out the amount of cholesterol and calories on the foods you’re buying is to simply read labels. This is what most people forget to do. When you check the labels, you will also find out about the food’s vitamin and fiber content.

For people with existing heart disease, a diet that has very low fat content is recommended. Not everyone welcomes the idea of taking medicines to lower cholesterol. You can follow a cholesterol-free diet plan by eliminating added fats, dairy products, and meats completely. Now, this can be troublesome for some individuals especially if this is normally a large portion of their diet. Extreme diets can be hard but if it’s for your health, you may find it necessary to stick to it.

The Mediterranean Diet is worth a look

 TAGS:undefinedDid you know that the people living in the Mediterranean region are less likely to suffer from heart disease? This is because the local residents are used to eating a special diet that consists of legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, and red wine. They also eat red meats but only in small servings occasionally. They also love to use olive oil and this is classified as monounsaturated, the ‘good’ cholesterol. So, if you are not comfortable with the very low fat diet, you can consider the Mediterranean diet plan. It is much easier to follow and you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods entirely.

Take your time in finding the eating plan that suits you best. There are many guides and gurus online, but you can’t just trust all of them. You have to look for reputed and professional health websites that can provide you with the best diet plans that suit your needs.
Why don’t you check with your doctor? There are times when medical professionals can provide you with sample meal plans that you can use for a week or so. You should also search the web for the diet plans and recipes that taste good despite the low fat content.


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